Indoor Water Parks

Ranking everything eight at a time

Top Eight Indoor Waterparks

  1. Great World Lodge - Wisconsin Dells
  2.      When the original Great Wolf Lodge added 77 condominiums to its property it did a wonderful thing -- it expanded its waterpark. Already famous for its many non-watery diversions like the kid-friendly Wiley's Woods 4-level softplay area now the waterpark is even bigger!

  3. Great Wolf Lodge - Sandusky Ohio
  4.      Originally the Great Bear Lodge this was Ohio's original indoor waterpark and it also remains one of the best kept with great fun inside.

  5. Treasure Island at Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park - Dells
  6.      Treasure Island was one of the earliest mammoth indoor waterparks to hit the Dells. Yet now it has joined forces with the adjacent Mount Olympus amusement park to form one great resort. Treasure Island's water rides have always been appealing to the thrill seeking set and now the resort is made even better by being part of the outdoor Mt. Olympus park with its coasters, rides, and outdoor waterpark.

  7. World Waterpark - Edmonton, Canada
  8.      Tucked away in the West Edmonton Mall is a gargantuan 5 acres of year-round fun. Yes, the park is huge under the massive shopping mall. It does tend to lose a bit of atmosphere because of its shopping mall surroundings, yet it is a special place and did win the 2004 Golden Ticket award for Best Indoor Waterpark.

  9. The Wilderness Waterpark - Wisconsin Dells
  10.      This Old West themed resort is so sprawling that it houses three separate indoor waterpark areas. Add them up and you get 160,000 square feet of H2O nirvana. Yes, this is the world's largest indoor waterpark. While there are wings, corridors and concessions splitting up the three distinct play areas it is the largest -- Kalahari can rightfully claim to having the country's largest continuous indoor waterpark as the largest of the three at Wilderness is just 70,000 square feet.

  11. Castaway Bay - Sandusky Ohio
  12.      While Kalahari and Great Wolf each have resorts in the Sandusky area let's show a little love for Cedar Fair, the company that got tourists excited about the area in the first place with its massive Cedar Point amusement park. At Castaway Bay, the transformed Radisson just outside of the park's peninsula, guests can enjoy year-round fun.

  13. Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg, Virginia
  14.      When it opened in March of 2005 this was Great Wolf's largest property with a 66,000 square foot indoor waterpark available to resort guests. Kalahari and Great Wolf are the class of indoor waterparks with Kalahari putting up the better park yet Great Wolf providing the more complete package with more immersive theming throughout the lobby and resort entertainment areas. The waterpark is lively with body slides, raft slide and a kiddie play area.

  15. Kalahari Resort
  16.      With 125,000 square feet of watery fun this African-themed resort has the largest inclusive waterpark in the area. From Master Blaster water coasters to lazy rivers that truly do meander to the many slides and activity areas, Kalahari reigns supreme in the highly competitive Dells market.

    List by: Rick Munarriz

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