Romantic Movies

Ranking everything eight at a time

Top Eight Romantic Movies of All Time

  1. Princess Bride
  2.      You may not expect the ideal romance coming from a fantasy storybook flick where revenge, giants and rodents of unusual size beg for screen time. Yet despite the intentionally campy delivery the love feels genuine. In the end, it's a feelgood classic.

  3. Jerry Maguire
  4.      Possibly the ideal date flick. It's got the Cameron Crowe picture-perfect melting one-liners that women love perfectly sided by loyalty-affirming sporting subplots to keep the testoserone happy. Tom Cruise isn't overbearing in this and Renee Zellwegger arrived with her portrayal of the lowly lovestruck underling who suddenly realizes that her dream man is attainable. "Show Me the Money" may have been the movie's popular catch phrase but "You had me at Hello" will have you sighing approvingly every time.

  5. Titanic
  6.       Okay, another one where pathos chills with an icy ending. However, there is something brilliant about two folks from opposite tracks hooking up and feeling so right with one another, yet doing so as time ticks on inevitable heartbreak and disaster, that makes the romance's failure a winner.

  7. Casablanca
  8.      No, this one does not deserve to rank any higher. While it's a gripping tale of perfect love in the face of terrible timing, the heart-sinking yet head-knodding finale nips the romantic fervor and replaces it with catharsis and melancholy. A classic? Yes. A great date movie? Maybe not.

  9. Pretty Woman
  10.      This film could have been pure Cheese Whiz if not for the brilliant performance of Julia Roberts, who lights up the screen against tender performances by Richard Gere and hotel manager Hector Elizondo. This was originally a darker take on prostitution. It's hard to imagine how this movie would have played itself out that way. Forget the fact that it's hard to buy Roberts as a low-rent hooker or Gere as someone who would opt for one because he didn't want complications. The two sizzle together as her playful innocence continues to impress on his worldly ways.

  11. An Officer and a Gentleman
  12.      Unlike the last two laughable entries, this one goes for the jugular. It's a gritty story of two opposites who attract and persevere through various challenging episodes. With the somber contrast of their best buds who ultimately do the wrong thing, these two rise above and learn lessons beyond love.

  13. Love Actually
  14.      Set against the holidays, this hilariously endearing ensemble piece seamlessly weaves a half-dozen storylines into a feelgood smash. The perfect British cast is a plus, though the excellent script will leave you smiling. No, not every story has a happy ending, but enough do to warm you up to, well, love, actually.

  15. When Harry Met Sally
  16.      It's hard to say which part of this movie is the most effective. Is it the montage of happy couples professing their undying love between the movie segments or is it the amazing chemistry that Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal strike up here as they go through years before realizing that they are their ideal mates. You can't beat the New Year's Eve finale when Crystal finally builds up the courage to confront Ryan. With some of the funniest scenes you will ever see to keep your tethered heart swinging, it's the best romantic comedy. Period.

    List by: Rick Munarriz

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